St Georges Secondary School is the new Inter Secondary Schools’ Debate champion (2017)

St Georges Secondary School
Its three debaters argued their way to victory last night at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College, leaving their opponents from Claudia Creque Educational Centre to settle for second place after a last heated showdown.

The winning team comprising Kiymeiah Millington, Hunter Christopher, and Le’Amoi Biggs successfully proposed a moot that has been described as a hot-button topic in the British Virgin Islands these days.

It reads: The expansion of the Terrence B Lettsome International Airport will positively impact the overall economy of the British Virgin Islands.

The students from Claudia Creque Educational Centre’s who opposed the moot were Latisia Smith, Dayanara Rojas, and Rondell Smith.

Strong points

Kiymeiah, who opened for St Georges, was described by the judges as an energetic speaker who had eye-catching body language.

She gave her team a strong start by noting that, ‘whether it be the next 10 or 20 years down the line’, the BVI economy will be better off if the airport is expanded.

She further noted that it would eventually have a great impact on the territory’s primary revenue earners – tourism and financial services.

Kiymeiah then relayed the proposing baton to her teammate, Hunter, who effectively cemented victory for St Georges with an award-winning presentation.

Hunter copped the Best Speaker Award at last night’s debate, with what adjudicators described as the ‘most outstanding introduction, well-organised and eye-and ear-catching speech’.

Her presentation had facts in relation to projected profits to be gained if the airport is expanded.debate

The top speaker also elaborated on how the airport expansion would aid in getting the BVI’s medical tourism brand up and running.

She then touched on how an expansion could attract investors.

Meanwhile, Le’Amoi, who was the third speaker for St Georges, delivered a hard-hitting rebuttal.

Debators from Claudia Creque Educational Centre collect their trophy from Premier Dr D Orlando Smith (left) and Minister of Education Myron Walwyn

St Georges took home the 2017 trophy but, according the judges, Claudia Creque Educational Centre’s debating trio put up an epic fight.

That was reflected in the judges’ overall score card. The school was bettered by a mere 20 points. It tallied 660 points, while the victor scored 680.

Both top schools overpowered five other secondary schools in the territory to make it to the ‘heated’ finals.

Meanwhile, last night’s competition was attended by legislators such as Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, Minister of Education Myron Walwyn, Junior Minister of Trade Marlon Penn, and Junior Minister of Tourism Archibald Christian.

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